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We are one of the UKs leading non surgical treatment centres –

Specialising in :

Cryolipolysis | HIFU | Vaginal Tightening | Cryopen | Body Sculpting | Incontinence Treatment | Fat Dissolving Injections

Why Book Your Consultation [name} Today?

Why Book Your Consultation Today?

Some Commonly Asked Questions Answered:

The cost of your consultation is just £15 – this will be deducted from your treatment session once booked and compelted.

the consultation will take between 10 to 20 minutes maximum 

yes – we work around your schedule – if evenings and weekends are easier we are happy to call then. Please let us know times that suit you.

yes – we ask for 3 or 4 dates that maybe suitable for you and we can work around those dates to get you booked in – we can even offer some treatments from your home if you are unable to travel.

No – you are in control of all decisions made. If you need to check dates in your diary we can follow up at a later time – but 98% of clients are happy to book on the day and have a tailor made treatment plan.

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